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Sterling Bathtub Refinishing, is owned, operated and serviced by myself, Pete Arnold. I possess an in-depth technical background as well as an excellent ability to perform hands-on work while maintaining top quality results as my priority. With experience as a carpenter, a welder, and a mechanic I am well equipped with a wide range of abilities. I have trained as a professional refinisher with a company in London and then later in Toronto where I became a certified applicator for Integrity Coating Resurfacing Products. I hold a certificate as an ICC Certified Applicator. I first became a customer of bathtub refinishing when I was seeking a cost effective method to refurbishing my own bathroom. I found resurfacing to be a faster and more cost-effective option than many of the alternatives currently offered. I closely observed the job as it was being performed within my home and grew passionate not only about the process, but also the fantastic end result. From this experience, Sterling Bathtub Refinishing was created.


"Sterling Bathtub Refinishing provides a quality, fast, and affordable alternative for your bathroom refinishing needs."

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